Football Social Program


Starting date: January 2014

With Support

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Duration: 7 years.

Beneficiaries:  families with children between 8 to 12 years from vulnerable community. 


Intervention model: Helping families with their children using sports and education as main link of transformation, personal growth and social development. Football is the vehicle of social change. 




Playing football and other sports for human development and human values.



Entrepreneurship bilingualism and information technologies, wich will provide beneficiaries and their families life skills and tools for way of living.



Family and social work to support and strengthen the family structure and dynamics of the children beneficiary.

We promote Values such as: 








Profesionales involucrados:


  • Leader Methodology Department: This person is a professional in sociology with sport knowledge that understands and merges social work with sports. They are highly qualified to coordinate sports schedules both male and female, have been trained by FPF to lead and implement the FPF method. This leader is also responsible for measuring the performance of the psychologists, exemplary leaders, intern, partners and volunteers linked to sport. 


  • Exemplary Leader: A professional sportsperson or physical educator that has been trained by FPF to lead and implement the FPF method. This professional must have concluded the 65 hour football course delivered in partnership with the FRF (Rioja Football Federation) and guaranteed by RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) content. 


  • Psychologist: Health Professional who is in charge of the process through observation and coaching. The professional has been trained by FPF to lead and implement the FPF method.

Phase 1 objectives:


• Identify the conditions of the beneficiaries: physiques, nutritional and oral health. 


• Identify personality, tastes, preferences, abilities and personal projection of the beneficiaries. 


• Identify and increase the current level of basic school skills. 


• Conduct sport under the FPF method. 


• Approach with the families to all the activities of the foundation. 


• Promote, through different courses and fun workshops healthy eating, cleaning habits, personal manners and assertive rights.


• Produce a complementary high quality feeding program.